Foursight in the News & A Wild Animal Visit

It's an interesting life up here in Boonville. As I was working away a few minutes ago, a bobcat leisurely sauntered right through our front yard, stopping to smell some plants, then moving on into our neighbor's vineyard. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture one good photo through the glass. Our dog was so mesmerized he forgot to bark.

I have to give the little guy points for being tough, though. We saw him last week, being chased by a doe protecting her fawn. He was headed the opposite direction and didn't even seem to see the deer, but she still went after him like any good overprotective mother. He looked terrified once he realized that he, weighing in at around 20 pounds, was being attacked by a full-grown deer! Luckily, he escaped through the fence to safety.

Beside the wild animal sightings, I've been gathering press clippings from the wine industry publications Foursight was featured in this week (links below).

Why are we in the news? Foursight is the first winery in Anderson Valley to label a wine with ingredients (one of just a few in the state, really). We're also one of the first in the nation, if not THE first, to list on the label that the wine is suitable for vegan and vegetarian wine drinkers. We were also mentioned because of our involvement with The Wineries of Downtown Boonville -- a group promoting the four tasting rooms within walking distance in Boonville (Facebook page:

Rumor has is that we're also going to be on the VIA magazine Web site in October, plus a few we can't divulge yet!

Here are this week's articles:

Wine Business Monthly

Wines & Vines

Happy Thursday!


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