A Few Days Respite

This week Joe and I escaped to our ranch (aka a plot of land with nothing but a cabin on it) for a night of camping and 24 hours off. We hiked, we ate, we drank, and we relaxed with our books and all the industry publications we have a hard time keeping up with. It was heaven.

On one of our walks, Joe thought it would be fun to try a rope swing into the pond that hasn't been used for about 15 years. He tested it, had a trial swing, and then walked farther up the bank to get a little extra speed. Right about the time he reached the water, all I heard was a big "snap!" The rope broke, Joe plummeted into the water, luckily just making it past the bank. My heart stopped, but he came back up holding the rope and with just a few scratches. Whew! It's never dull.

Joe holding the broken rope

The dogs join Joe for a swim


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