Snow in the Vineyards!

Every year, Hwy. 253 from Boonville to Ukiah gets some snow. A few inches stick and families take their kids up to have snowball fights and build tiny snowmen. Down here in the valley snow is rare, this week predictions came true and I left the tasting room to blowing snow!

We're 400-600 feet above sea level here, so snow is always an awe-striking sight. It was spectacular. Beautiful, big flakes fell while I trudged around to feed all our animals. It was gorgeous, and freezing (low 20's). Luckily, our wood fire was chugging away, and after a lovely dinner at the Boonville Hotel (thanks hotel!) we came home to a warm, cozy house.

Here are some photos of the snow in the vineyard and on the western hills off of Mountain View Road:


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