I'm A Lazy Blogger

Okay, I admit it: I've been a lazy blogger. As I'm approaching my third anniversary as a blogger next month (!!), I've been reading through old posts -- those chronicling our first months picking grapes, deciding upon our winery name, and working through the process to become a bonded and certified winery. Lately, I've been posting a lot of personal life and "what's happening" stuff: great for my friends, but not so fantastic for our customers and people who may not know us well. Lazy stuff. After all, who needs to know that I just ate goat, really? Well, actually, that one was pretty cool as it was our first goat. ... But you get the drift.

What happened to my posts? They used to be so well written, so timely, so much more interesting, with so many more photos. So I have to apologize to everyone out there. The realities of being a business owner while also working as someone's employee overwhelmed me. I got lazy. And for that I apologize.

So here's my goal for the future: get my ass in gear! Start posting more. Start posting more interesting, relevant stuff that talks not only about what we're doing here at the winery, but WHY, and how it's important. And, please call me out if I get lazy again. Play the worried mother: cut me a tiny bit of slack the first time (after all, harvest's coming up), but jump on it the next time you see it! Now that I've shaved one job off of my life, I think I can do it! And I may need your help. :)

Happy Saturday everyone!


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