Party at Foursight!

Here are the promised photos of the Foursight Open House at the AV Pinot Festival last month. We hired a band, made a TON of delicious food, and started popping corks! That day we debuted our 2009 Dry Gewurztraminer and previewed the 2008 Zero New Oak Pinot, which had a great reception (several groups begged us to purchase bottles that day, even though we had to tell them no as we won't be releasing the wine for months.)

We estimate that we hosted a few hundred people that day, plus kids and plenty of dogs of all kinds. This party also serves as a pick up event for our 3-Bottle wine club, so it's great that we can both meet new people and visit with our old friends.

The day ended with entertainment by Ozzie the labrador, when he dug up a golpher from the back lawn and flipped it in the air for all to see! We were a bit embarrased, but several customers got out their video cameras. I'll be searching the internet to see if Ozzie's golpher-catching video went viral! You can't say that dog doesn't have a talent...

We're looking forward to the next party in October! We'll announce the date when we have it on the calendar.


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