Social Media at its Finest

They say if you run a business you should post something on your blog every day. You should also post something to your twitter account several times a day, and you should make sure and post daily updates to your facebook account, plus commenting on other people's posts and status updates to make sure they know you're engaged and involved.

Fair enough. I understand all of these recommendations and why you would follow them. However, here's how this really breaks down in my head:

Arrive at work in the morning, then:
1) Read other people's blogs, twitter and facebook updates, and post comments: an hour if you read quickly and don't check EVERYONE'S various sites, or two hours for a thorough evaluation and responses
2) Do a quickie blog post (30 minutes) OR write a fascinating relevant blog post that reveals a whole new way of thinking about a specific topic within your industry (two hours)
3) At least two tweets a day on relevant and interesting topics: 30 minutes
4) Update your facebook account and make sure you've added all your friends, checked everyone's status updates, and responded to all messages for the day: 30 minutes to an hour and a half
5) Check your linkedin profile and make necessary updates or respond to messages: 30 minutes

So, let's say we're working a regular, eight-hour day. At a minimum, you're spending THREE HOURS A DAY out of those eight online. That's 37.5% of your day. At a maximum, you're spending SIX AND A HALF HOURS online. Now that's 81.25% of your work day!

This, of course, doesn't include checking google alerts or using search engines to check on any mentions of you or your business that the alerts may not have caught (another few hours), plus all those other social media sites that are out there that I don't even know about yet.

I only have one question: when does all the rest of my work get done?


Deb said…
I am still trying to figure out what all of these things like Linkedin and facebook really mean? Blogs and email I get, but Boy can they ever be a sinkhole of time!! But we persevere!!

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