Back from the Land Down Under (well, the little one)

Joe and I just returned from our honeymoon trip to New Zealand. It's been a crazy last few months with the wedding (planned it ourselves), plus a 3-week trip all across the land of the Kiwis.

My recent lack of posts was purely selfish - a combination of being too busy and not wanting to touch the computer while we were on vacation except to deal with a few business e-mails we had to attend to. I felt pretty bare between no computer and no cell phone. Odd is this age to not be strapped to electronic devices all day, every day...

The wedding was amazing. Well, except for the fact that it was the second hottest day this year, other than the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival (Kristy doesn't get to pick any more important dates.) It went off with few hitches that I noticed, fortunately. Noticed is the key word here. We did have a power surge in the vineyard music for the ceremony and I walked up the aisle in complete silence, only one fist fight (I had no idea until the next day) and some break dancing. But otherwise, very civilized. :)

We spent all night visiting, dancing, and generally annoying our neighbors. The Foursight wines flowed and so did the Roederer Estate Brut. Mmmm... It was the biggest, loudest, and best party we've ever thrown and everyone seemed to have a great time. Mission accomplished.

More posts to come with photos and gorgeous snapshots of our time in New Zealand.


Gerri said…
Welcome Back! Hope you two had a wonderful time.

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