Colds and Stories

Finally have given up the hope that I have allergies and have given into having a cold. Not much fun this time of year, when the weather's gorgeous and the grass is green and my horses are looking very eager to get out and go on a ride. sigh...

On a good front, though, we just had a professional photographer out just last week. One set of photos (which I hope feature little Tet the McNab) were for Via Magazine - the June/July issue. I was interviewed as the executive director of the Anderson Valley Winegrowers and the Q&A will be about visiting Anderson Valley.

The second set of photos that were taken that day were of me holding our pyrometer (temperature gun) and measuring our Sauvignon Blanc for Practical Vineyard & Winery (also a summer issue). We're going to be featured in an article about wine temperature as we're the first winery use a pyrometer (normally for mechanics to monitor the temperature of various engine and other parts) on our wines.

Serving temperature and wine is amazingly important. Joe and I always say you can tell a good white wine when you can drink it at room temperature and like it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wouldn't taste better at cellar temperature. For instance, we've found we like our Sauvignon Blanc at 55-60 and our Pinots at 65-68. With the pyrometer we can assure that temperature anywhere we go.


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