February Sucks

Yes, I admit it - February sucks. There's a reason my parents always vacation this month. Granted, the current attempt at rain is pathetic and nowhere near the amount we need to be able to irrigate our grapes, but because it hasn't been raining, it's been FREEZING. I come down to my office in the morning, crank the heater to 70 and it takes 5 hours to get it to bearable. My fingers have been cramping up because of the cold all morning.

The new puppy, Oz, is getting big enough to jump on furniture, which is a joy (rolling of eyes) - he's already learning how to intimidate the UPS man from the other two. Although he's the only one that will eat the cookies he tosses at them. Actually, the only thing I've found the little guy doesn't eat is orange peels. At least he draws the line somewhere. :) He's making progress on the collar, though - no more running into walls head-first.

As Alsace Festival nears, my blog posts will continue to be a bit thin. However, the bright spot in all this is that we'll be opening our tasting room the second weekend in March, knock on wood and barring any unforeseen circumstances. Wish us luck, per usual.


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