Craziness Ensues

Well, it's been a while. But I do have a good excuse - my lack of posts recently directly relates to my participation in the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival. I'm still recovering from the May 16-18 event, which showcased approx. 40 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir producers during the Saturday grand tasting, one of whom was Foursight Wines.

It was a great event, albeit scorchingly hot, and required a lot of work from yours truly as a representative of both the Winegrowers Association and Foursight Wines. I think I'm just now finally caught up on my sleep.

The most exciting part of the event was hearing people talk about how great our wines were, not knowing that our friends and family were standing somewhere in the near vicinity and would be reporting promptly back to us (how could they not in that situation?). To have people that you don't even know that well tell you that there was a buzz about your wines is great validation that you are not the only one who loves the wines and your friends and family aren't just saying they're great because they required to by the friends and family code.

Honestly, we're biased. We love the wines, but know that, realistically, not everyone will love them as much as we do. However, the response was overwhelmingly positive at the AV Pinot Festival this month, and we're really looking forward to Pinot Days in the city on June 29th. (

Saturday is girls' wedding dress shopping (it's finally started - the horror!), followed by dinner at Masa's and a stay at the Renaissance Hotel near Union Square. All in all, a very nice weekend in the city.

If you're in the area, come visit us.


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