Labeled Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc

On Friday evening we drank bottle #1 of our Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and celebrated getting that much closer to the end of a long, long road. It was extremely exciting for all of us as starting a new brand was much tougher and more time consuming than we expected. It seems like all of our to-do lists acquire two new things for every one we cross of the list. But, seeing the bottles and tasting the wines made it all seem very worthwhile!

Here's how we got there: Friday afternoon the 185 cases of 2007 Anderson Valley Sauvignon Blanc were bottled and labeled via a mobile truck outside the winemaking facility. We also ran the 2006 Charles Vineyard Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, back through the bottling line to apply the labels (it was bottled originally in August 2007 but we didn't have government approval on our labels, so it went into blank bottles, or "shiners").

We're all very excited to have the wines finally packaged and ready to go. Besides the obvious asthetic reasons, you can't legally sell a bottle of wine in the United States if it doesn't have an approved label on it.

The Sauvignon Blanc will need a little bit of time to recover from bottle shock - a state newly bottled wines undergo where aromas and flavors can become muted and dull. Given our processing methods, it should bounce back very soon. The Pinot Noir will be ready as soon as our Web site is up and running and we give it the final okay (in the next month or so).

Here are some photos from our exciting day:


Victoria said…
Let me know when you start selling your product. I'd love to buy some :).

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