Four-Legged Friends

One of my most current projects was to try and document our life here with a camera. It's for our Web site, which should be up and running soon. While we have a lot of photos of the vineyard at all different stages of life, some of our images (and those of all of our four-legged friends) left a lot to be desired. So, with the addition of a few photos and a promise to hire a professional in the spring, when it's a little less wet and bare in the vineyard, we're on our way. Here are a few of my favorites taken of our animal residents. From top to bottom, here's Dexter, Cyndee, Sparky, Handsome, and TĂȘte.

And no, we didn't name them all (unfortunately). It's more than a little embarrassing to walk outside and yell "Hey Handsome!" at the top of my lungs. Luckily we don't have many neighbors.


Victoria said…
I miss Anderson Valley. I think the last time I was there was for Thanksgiving 2005 (since my parents don't live there anymore). I need to come visit!
Colleen said…
These are great pictures. Did you take them, Kristy?
Yes I did. My favorite is Sparky the cat - as I was taking the picture she flipped over for me to pet her belly. It killed me with cuteness.

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