Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Good and Bad of a New Year

Even though the tasting room has been closed all month, it still seems like the past 17 days have slipped by in a rush. Here at Foursight we've been cleaning up the tasting room, refinishing the floors, and working on January wine clubs. As I write this, Bill and Nancy and friends are arriving in Costa Rica for a much-needed vacation. Joe and I are planning our second trip up to our ski rental in Tahoe. Most exciting for me is the fact that all the hideous wallpaper in the upstairs bedroom is finally getting stripped away for a fresh coast of paint.

As productive and exciting as all of that has been, there have been low points too. This past week the matriarch of my mother's family - my last remaining grandparent - passed away. She had been ill for quite a while and we were well-prepared by the doctors, but it's still an immensely sad time.

My grandmother and I had a special bond: I was born on her birthday. For 29 years we've celebrated our birthdays together -- not always on that day, but usually within the week. They called us "the birthday girls" whenever September rolled around. It was something I took for granted, but will never be able to enjoy again, and that's heartbreaking.

My grandmother was 88 - a long life by anyone's standards - but she'll be missed. As we move forward into 2011, I know we'll remember her and be reminded by our loss to treasure the years we have left. They are finite.

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Colleen said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. The loss of a special family member is never easy, even when it is expected.