Monday, October 25, 2010

Pinot IN the River Photos!

Yesterday my mother, Nancy, and I went to pour at Pinot on the River. This was our first year at the event and it was POURING. Buckets. It was a fun drive to Rodney Strong in Healdsburg, where the event was held, and an even better schlep into the event with foldable handcarts. With all the rain we've had, the tent had accumulated water -- inches of it -- overnight, and only part of the area was even usable. Wineries were literally fighting for tables on high ground, with a river flowing down the middle of the grassy tent area.

We were there early enough to find a half-table mostly out of the water, although as we stood throughout the afternoon small puddles formed around our feet and soaked the bottom of our cardboard wine boxes, etc. Luckily all our paper materials and brochures were packed in a waterproof bag because of the rain.

What began as a river quickly turned into mud as people slogged through it that afternoon. We saw people who had been forewarned in rubber boots (lucky, as our feet were wet and cold), people in their socks because they had already lost their shoes, and even barefoot people who had just given up shoes altogether.
Here are some photos of the fun. I have to admit that I was impressed with the die-hard Pinotphiles who turned out and tasted, and all the wineries who stuck it out. Kudos to you who were there yesterday! My stick-it-out award for the day goes to the lovely ladies in the plastic bags. They're customers of ours - we're so proud!


ericlee said...

Thanks for being there, you were Troupers!

Anonymous said...

You were troopers! The event organizers failed all of us, both wineries and tasters. It could have been set up in the parking lots and avoided all of the mud issues. They also could have provided walls to all of the tents. In short, lots of good wines and terrible event planing.

Anonymous said...

The organizers and Rodney Strong vineyards should be embarrassed by the product that their putting out for an $85 tasting. What a bunch of bozos! I was there for the tasting (as well as the previous three events). This year's event was a complete boondoggle. I won't be attending next year unless there is a contingency plan for rain. Perhaps I'll buy my tickets on the day of the event to see what the weather looks like. I certainly will not be slogging through 5 inches of mud during a downpour. Kudos though to all the winemakers, vendors and hospitality staff for doing their best with great grace and humor in a bad situation. You deserve better than this mess.

William - Simple Hedonisms Wine Blog said...

I had a great time, one of my fave Pinot events of the year. We aren't supposed to have this kind of weather, and its not as easy to just rapidly change a venue, permits, when last minute weather changes. Came prepared with rubber boots and had a great tasting as did many others. New venue in 2011.