Friday, December 18, 2009

Feliz Navidad

Happy Holidays to our customers, friends and family!

First Skiing Trip of the Year

The past few days Joe and I went to Tahoe for our first California tracks of the year (we skied in New Zealand this summer). It was cold and beautiful in North Lake - the first big storm had just hit last weekend and they had a layer of fresh snow.

The weather was pretty mediocre for skiing -- it half-snowed, half-rained on us most of Wednesday -- but we enjoyed it, and I got to try out my new Kingswood skis on California snow for the first time. They cut through all the bumps and crud really well, although at slow speeds they felt a bit like boards strapped to your feet, but that's what you get with powder skis, or so my personal ski expert tells me (yeah, that would be Joe).

We ate and stayed at the River Ranch Lodge at the bottom of Alpine Meadows and Hwy. 89. The rooms were cute but mostly comfortable (hard beds, close to the road) but dinner was fantastic. We brought a bottle of Roederer and some Pinot down and enjoyed crab cakes, buffalo wings (yep, Joe wanted wings), a spinach salad, rack of lamb and trout. The price was really reasonable and the restaurant was fairly busy for a Wed. night. Alpine employees had filled up the bar by the time we left.

I did Joe a favor on Thursday and let him hike out and ski with his buddy, Matt. No Kristy babysitting for at least one day, while I played tourist at Squaw and then went to visit our friend Sarah and their baby, Suzie.

Overall, it's going to be a great ski season and I'm looking forward to hopefully at least a handful more days before it's over. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera this time, so no snow photos until Christmas, when we hope to take Ozzie to the snow in Shaver Lake.