Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tasting Videos Now Online

New tasting note videos have been posted on our You Tube channel! Check it out for descriptions of all our current releases -- winemaking methods, flavor components and food pairings -- by Foursight Winemaker Joe Webb:


Friday, July 8, 2016

Life Before Harvest

In the Pinot business, July marks a slow slide toward harvest, usually beginning with bottling the prior year's wines.

Next week we begin to put our estate Pinot Noirs from the 2015 vintage into bottle. This is slightly earlier than our average bottling date because harvest has also been early the past two vintages. Just to hedge our bets, we moved bottling (because the general idea is to bottle BEFORE harvest so you have room in the cellar and empty barrels)!

Although winemakers typically despise bottling (so many logistics and something always goes awry), I love it. Seeing last year's wine make it safely into bottle and one step closer to being in the hands of our customers gives me a thrill that I often don't have the time, or sometimes brainpower, to appreciate during the busier moments of harvest and crush.
Caught in action! Working the bottling line during Semillon bottling.

July is also our last month to celebrate summer before we get really busy multi-tasking between the cellar, vineyard and tasting room. On July 23-24 we'll be hosting our fourth annual Anderson Valley Barrel Tasting Weekend with 21 wineries from Anderson Valley and the Yorkville Highlands appellation participating. It's a really fun (and reasonably priced) event -- $20 for two days of tasting and a glass. Check it out here.

We also have our first Wine Bar Night on July 15th at our Boonville tasting room. We'll be serving Pork Crostini with Onion Jam and Savory Mushroom Rolls to pair with our wines from Noon to 7 p.m. Tasting $5 and glasses and bottles available to purchase for the patio!
Our fifth generation and grandpa, having a tractor lesson!

We expect harvest to be in September this year -- more typical for our site, and will announce our harvest activities as we get closer.

Monday, February 8, 2016

El Nino Winter in Anderson Valley

Although we've been busy traveling on sales trips, rehabbing the tasting room for the New Year, and generally dealing with a business and a one-year-old, this is theoretically the quiet time at Foursight winery and Charles Vineyard. (I admit I'm beginning to think "slow time" or "quiet time" is a big joke!) Regardless, the vines are mostly pre-pruned, we just reopened in the tasting room after a three-week winter break (where we got snowed in on the East Coast by Jonas), and the wines are resting in barrel, with no imminently planned activity except topping.

New-release 2013 Pinot Noirs at our Boonville tasting room

This is our first El Nino winter in years, and, to be honest, we didn't start to feel like it until the new year. Our rain year, which starts October 1, was almost identical to 2015 -- a drought year -- until the beginning of January. The last few years we had what skiers called "June-uary," which were sunny, warm and more Margarita weather than skiing weather. January 2016 was decidedly not.

It was wet enough last month that we were starting to get a little weary of our soggy, muddy state of living. And then, in true Mother Nature fashion, it changed. This weekend has been sunny and warm and gorgeous, which is a wonderful break as long as it starts raining again at some point! Our rain total for the water year is more than 26" right now via our weather station (a hand count of our manual rain gauges usually shows a little more).
Evan and his cupcake

Today our capsules for 2016 summer bottling were delivered, which was a little reminder of the year, looking forward. We've had a busy tasting room, and we're starting to really plan our spring events. By April we won't take a breath until post-harvest, except to close one weekend in June when the enormous music festival comes to town.

We enjoyed our San Francisco Super Bowl 50 refugees this past weekend, and celebrated baby Evan's first birthday, so I guess he's toddler Evan now -- walking, talking and who-knows-what-else soon!

Until the next time!