Friday, February 1, 2013

Foursight Pinot Noir & Chocolate Weekend!

On Valentine's weekend (February 15-18), Foursight will be serving up a flight of our wines and sampling hand-crafted chocolates made with our own estate Pinot Noir!

Made by Essence by Chocolate, these sweet little bites are amazing. And that's big coming from a girl who hates fruit in my chocolate AND those little cordial chocolates with the booze in the middle!

To be honest, I have no earthly idea how they're made, but our Foursight Pinot Noir is incorporated into the chocolate, not just stuffed in the middle. They're delicious and beautiful, and we'll be sampling them and selling gift boxes all weekend in our tasting room!

So join us during our regular tasting room hours for two of our favorite things!

14475 Highway 128, Boonville
10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. -- Friday through Monday
(707) 895-2889

A Tick

I had a tick crawling underneath my shirt yesterday. That's the second in two weeks; I'm assuming I acquired them walking the dogs in the grass. You know my title about "learning to love country life again"? Not this part. Yuck!