Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Significance of 1/1/11

Happy New Year! Today we're all celebrating 1/1/11 -- hopefully without the hangover that usually accompanies a new year. I know the thought of being at work today made me temper my usual ways. ... Luckily.

As it turns out, 1/1/11 is an interesting date in numerology, but not considered lucky in some cultures like 7/7/07 or 8/8/08 was (do you remember all the couples rushing to get married on those days)? This is what I've found out about today's date and what it signifies for the rest of the year:

If you add 1/1/11 up, it equals four, which signifies a square or box, which has a link to orderliness. So, if you believe the world wide web, 2011 will be all about tidying up our lives and putting things in order, no matter what last year held. Apparently this year will be less about people as individuals and more about coming together and having a unified purpose and global vision.

A search for today's date also turns up quite a few references to the Bible: specifically Ecclesiastes 1:1-11. I'm no Bible buff, but apparently this work proclaims man's actions to be vain, meaningless and transitory. Translations either suggest its meaning is that you should enjoy the simple things in life, such as eating, drinking, and taking enjoyment in one's work, which area gift from God, or that you should ignore physical pleasures and put your efforts toward God's commandments. .... I think I'll go for the first, thanks!

As for my personal reflection on the first day of the new year, I happen to be sitting at my desk, completing inventory and year-end financials. Definitely not one of life's simple pleasures. More like a necessary evil.

I have to admit, though, that 2010 was less eventful than 2009 for us here at Foursight, and we're thankful for it. With the opening of the tasting room (and endless construction and landscaping), a wedding, and numerous other events, 2009 was never boring. Let's face it: sometimes boring is good.

2010 passed a little more slowly, with our tasting getting busier and the family making more wine here at the facility. I quit my second job (and my personal stress level plummeted). Even the weather seemed to spare us, with all our grapes coming off the vine before the rains.

So far, 2011 shows a lot of promise. Business growth is good and the projections look great, along with signs of a strengthening economy. We have some projects around the winery scheduled for springtime, and a whole new line-up of wines to release soon. The family has more time off planned for this year, keeping us rested and sane.

So here's to an uneventful, productive, unifying new year where we have a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures in life!